Insulating Your Home

Insulating your Carthage home plays a pivotal role in keeping your energy costs down and your comfort levels high. If you have already taken steps to improve your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, but you continue to experience discomfort and higher energy bills, you should turn your attention to evaluating your home’s insulation.

At Carthage Air & Insulation, we are committed to helping you achieve the optimum comfort levels in your home while saving you money in energy. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through insulating your home. Our Carthage Air & Insulation professionals recommend cellulose insulation and attic air sealing for best results.

Can Your Home Benefit From Insulation and Attic Air Sealing?

Most homes here in TX would likely benefit from these two services. Ask yourself these questions, and if you answer yes to any one of them, your home might be a good candidate:
• Does your home feel drafty in the winter?
• Do you experience uneven temperatures between rooms or walking down hallways?
• Is your heating and cooling system running constantly, even when you don’t think it should be?
• Do your heating and cooling bills seem to continually be high no matter what changes you make?

These are common scenarios indicating energy leaks in your home. Schedule one of our professionals to assess your home and make recommendations for improvements.

Cellulose Insulation

Our highly trained and experienced insulation experts typically install insulation in attics and walls. Many homes have fiberglass batting insulation in their homes, especially older homes, but cellulose insulation is a great alternative.

Cellulose insulation is constructed of high-quality and energy-efficient fiber made from recycled paper—usually up to 85 percent newspaper, sometimes with cardboard and other types of paper added.

These small pieces of paper work well, because they can be densely packed to prevent airflow, as opposed to batt insulation with seams that can leak air. The paper pieces are also treated to make them fire retardant, so no need to be concerned about their paper construction.

Our professionals install this type of insulation with a blowing machine, which is why it’s known as blown in insulation. We generally install loose-fill cellulose in attics and dense-packed in walls and ceilings. The R-value (insulation rating system) for cellulose is identical to fiberglass and in many cases even higher.

Cellulose Insulation Benefits

Here are some advantages to using cellulose insulation:
• Is eco-friendly by using recycled materials
• Is fire, mold, and insect resistant due to its boric acid treatment
• Has higher R-value than standard fiberglass insulation
• Is generally less costly than fiberglass insulation
• Has lower health risks than fiberglass insulation

Attic Air Sealing

Energy waste can frequently be traced to air leaks in and out of your home’s attic. You can save a substantial amount on your energy bills by properly air sealing it. These air leaks are also sources of uneven temperatures, poor indoor air quality, and sometimes moisture issues in your home.

Our professionals will conduct attic leak tests with different equipment and devices to pinpoint any cracks, holes, and gaps where your energy is leaking. Once areas are identified, our professionals will properly seal the locations and have you on your way to energy savings and optimum home comfort.

Attic Air Sealing Benefits

There are many benefits to professionally air sealing your attic. These are the top three our Carthage Air & Insulation homeowners regularly experience:
• Improvement in home comfort
• Improvement in indoor air quality
• Lower utility costs

We Are Your Insulation Experts

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